From the world to Hong Kong!

For businesses and individuals, provide Cisco custom VPN services, encryption acceleration security and stability! Helps your office and business run more smoothly!

World's first 4KVR support, promote your friends and be the first to experience the super high speed rate!

Buy a month and earn a year, new customers can get up to 365 days of membership plus on their first subscription!

Renew for up to 100 days for regular users!

Support China Telecom, China Unicom and China mobile networks.

Stable, fast and easy to use

Established through Cisco business VPN service
Use operator's own lines and self-built nodes to provide you with the best lines for visiting Hong Kong;
Cisco official client supports Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android

Personal / Corporate Client Edition

Buy one month and get an extra one year free! (New registered customers can get up to 365 days free on first top-up!)

4.5 USD / month

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  • Maximum 10M connection rate
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Support various operating systems and 3G / 4G access
  • Support the maximum number of concurrent: 1
Pro Enterprise Edition

Provide more customized services for enterprises

For specific needs, please contact us

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  • Provide maximum 200Mbps customized rate
  • Provide richer service control interface
  • Help you build your own business platform
  • More customized functions
Provide independent IP

Suitable for international e-commerce business needs

180 USD / year

Order at least 24 months at a time

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  • Provide independent iPv4 address rental service
  • Provide clean (from used) address delivery
  • During the order, you can choose to change the iP address for free
  • Support the maximum number of concurrent: 2

Frequently asked customer questions

Provide answers to common questions of customers in the process of using, and hope to help you.

VPS000 VPN service does not limit your use area, you can complete VPN connection through our service in any area of the world. You will access Hong Kong Internet via VPN.
After you have connected to the VPS000 VPN network, all Internet access on your device will be completed through the VPN tunnel, which will affect your access to local network (such as music, video) services.
If you are using the personal / enterprise version ordered directly on the website, you can use one account on multiple devices, but you cannot use them at the same time.

Trust your choice

Knowing about the service advantages of VPS000 allows you to be more sure that your choice is not wrong.